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This particular PRE QUAL offer is for when you go house hunting, you will be able to take control, be in the drivers seat. Don't be disappointed when you go out looking, because most real estate agents do not want to waste time with someone who can't afford the homes they are looking for.

Should you wish to change the amount of the amount you can qualify for, just ask us. There are programs that can change your payments, allowing your purchase power increase with proper planning. This could add a new dimension to your house hunting experience.

There are other items to consider when seeking financial elements within these parameters, which can be edited, if required, to help you accomplish your dreams and desires.

Here are a few pointers to help you with
any customization of your funding you might want to do

To make changes to the general funding that you are attempting to acomplish in your plans, don't be afaid to ask for a new pre qual.

Everytime someone changes the price of the new home, a new pre qual might be required, so plan carefully in the beginning, and tell your mortgage consultant what the full plans might include, so we can save time and energy.



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